Little Ducklings Preschools

North Thoresby working in partnership with North Thoresby and Utterby Primaries. North Cotes working in partnership with North cotes and Fulstow Primaries

End of term trips and treats!

North Cotes Little Ducklings Preschool

Where learning never ends!

Our children are encouraged to be independent learners and to explore the natural environment

See the beautiful primary school at North Cotes

The beautiful setting of North Cotes working in partnership with North Cotes CE Primary school. Offering smooth transitions from preschool to reception class.

North Cotes CE Primary School

WELCOME TO North Cotes Ducklings Prechool - situated within North Cotes CE Primary school

Explore the beautiful setting of North cotes Little Ducklings, a place to explore that is enriched in wonderful outdoor learning...

Miss Brooker (Mrs Neaga)

Owner both settings

Miss Bakes - Classroom leader

Level 4 social care

Miss Tracy

Childcare practitioner

Miss Becky

Childcare Practitioner

Miss Malin

Deputy Manager